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A look back on October

Sophia has been put to bed, the housework has been partially done and I've had a long day so it's finally time for me to sit down and talk to myself on here!

Another month crossed off of 2017, October was a good one! A wee holiday from work, lots of time with Sophia and HALLOWEEN! I wish I had lots of stories for each week of the month but life hasn't been that exciting really, I think the main reason I've enjoyed it so much is probably just because it has been nice and quiet and it is nice sometimes to just not have anything big going on. I'm loving the darker nights, warmer clothes and all the hot drinks I can have whenever I like.

Last Saturday after working a 9 hour shift at work I had to quickly get home and ready for a Halloween party with Ruairi and some of his friends and family, sadly with having limited time to get ready, the 10 minute make up was scary enough so I didn't take any photos that night, I went there with the mindset that I'd be leaving at around 11pm because I was so tired, but after a couple strongbows and a vodka I don't think I even knew how to tell the time.. so ended up being home for about 2am which was fun.

I've never really been a person that's crazy for Halloween but I always make sure to carve a pumpkin or two and if I do have time to get ready for a night out I will make the effort with the fake blood but the rest of it has never really interested me, so as Sophia was being taught about Halloween at nursery and the place was full of carved pumpkins I thought it would be fun it we done one together, but us doing one together really meant me and my friend sitting on a towel with a selection of knives and a rather large spoon trying to scoop out pumpkin goop while Sophia stood there laughing at us, but I think we were all pretty proud of him!

I don't really have any plans for November other to enjoy it and to try my best to get some Christmas pressies in instead of leaving it all last minute as usual. Today was a day full of different emotions as I made my first step in being a better me and had my first psychology appointment, it was very positive and I'm looking forward to more of getting to know myself a bit better. I'm excited for the last little chunk of this year and to see what comes of it all!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a scary Halloween and a lovely October.

Ashley x

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