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The first week of 2018 and resolutions.

I'll start off by saying Happy new year to everyone! I hope we all enjoyed new years eve whatever it is you got up to, I for one was asleep before the bells and had Ruairi waking me up every 5 minutes so that I didn't miss them. On boxing day my mum had decided that she was taking Sophia until the 30th and because of my work schedule I didn't end up getting her home with me until new years eve so even if I did plan on having a crazy night out, staying in with her sounded so much better!

I'm really bad every year for just setting myself up to fail or telling myself that I want to do things that really I have no interest in doing that year so why bother this year? I've kept it short with a couple of little things that I would like to add into my life and that can bring me some happiness.
1. Read more books. (I have 9 books set up already which will hopefully get me through the year)
2.Be a little smarter with money to save for a house.
3.More blog/social media activity (the point of this was having things to look back on and so far there hasn't been a lot)

So yeah nothing crazy like learning how to drive or promising myself I'll join a gym again and go a ridiculous amount every week because quite clearly those things aren't for me just yet.

The first week of the year has been quite a fun one, we took Sophia to her first experience at the cinema to see 'Ferdinand', she loved it so much she was really excited, there was a few times where she wanted to come and sit on my knee instead of in her own chair and she spoke out a couple times too but once we explained she had to be quiet she was great!
Yesterday Ruairi and I celebrated our one year anniversary. I met with my friend Chloe in the morning for some coffee and hot chocolates with Soph for a little catch up then at night me and Ru went for some dinner and came back to my house to watch star wars (he's been making me watch them all and I love!). Also for our anniversary he got me all of the Harry Potter books, I'm a massive fan of the movies and had all the books when I was little but I was never really interested in reading back then so I'm excited to have them now.

On a less happy note I have spent the last couple of weeks being quite unwell and have found out that my body really doesn't agree with dairy products but there's a whole other post on that one coming very soon. Again I hope everyone had a lovely new year, here's to 2018 being a good one.

Ashley x

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